copy of Maranta Leuconeura 'Kerchoveana Variegata' - XL


Maranta Kerch. Variegata dimensions

A new rare oddball has been added to our collection: an XL variegated Maranta.
This plant, also called prayer plant (because of its leaves lifting when the night falls) is full of colors and contrasts.
A real pleasure to watch! 

  • Brightness Bright indirect light
  • Humidity High need in humidity
  • Growth stage Adult
  • Difficulty Appreciates a little care

Just as in nature, all plants are different... pictures only illustrate one of our plants. 


Origin: South-American rainforests, particularly Brasil.
Personality: Takes a little care to thrive
Earmark: Its variegations that create exceptional colors, such as green, red and cream.  
Say Something Smart: Also called prayer plant, its leaves lift up when the night falls. A fascinating phenomenon, reminding us that plants are truly alive.


Which pot? 

A planter is beautiful, but never put your plant directly in it. Leave it in its original pot until Spring, and only repot it if it seems cramped. The ideal container: the terracotta pot with draining holes.

Trouver sa place

Brightness: Close to a window, but no direct sun. Avoid draught and place it away from heating sources. It can also adapt itself in a less bright environment. 
Humidity : 60 % or more.
Tip : Spray its leaves with water (ideally rain-water) once a week. 
Tip 2 : Place some wet clay pebbles under the pot, so they keep diffusing humidity. 
Temperature: Min : 16°C | Max : 27°C | Ideal : 20-22°C 

This is a pet friendly plant, by the way!

Entretien quotidien

Day-to-day care

Watering (purely indicative, depends on your local environment): once a week in Spring/Summer, and once every 10 days in Autumn and Winter.
Tip : Put your knuckle in the ground. If it feels totally dry, add some water to keep the soil wet (but not soaking it).
If your Maranta is thirsty, it will simply let you know by rolling up its leaves into a cigar shape.
Fertilizer: once a month from April to September